Our all in one early price & results screen, popular in hundreds of locations.

Prices are available from a number of suppliers, including

  • Bar One Racing (Ireland)
  • Betbyrne (Ireland)
  • Manny Bernstein (UK)
  • Super Soccer (UK)

This is a subscription only service - price is per annum.

To run a trial please find our display software here:

BETSOL DISPLAY SOFTWARE and call us for a trial licence.

We also offer a blank card for those subscribers who wish to manage all of their own odds.

Please call us now for more details and prices:

N. Ireland & UK 028 3751 8259

Republic of Ireland: 048 3751 8259

International +44 28 3751 8259

Terms and conditions:
Your software is dependent on the availability of your nominated providers data produced via an XML feed. The provision of this cannot be guaranteed by Betsol, but we offer our software in good faith of being able to integrate with your provider.
A full list of available providers is available here:
In the event of the provider no longer being able to provide the data we will offer an alternative source. No refunds will be made in such an event.
An alternative provider fee will be payable from date of switch over and will be for a one year duration.
A switch over fee of £25.00 per company will apply.
A trial software licence is available upon request. The duration of such a licence shall be for a maximum of one week. A full licence purchase will then be required. The full licence is payable annually in advance.
Once a full licence has been activated no refunds will be available.
Licences are only issued to Bookmakers, no matter where the site location may be. Licences are non-transferable from site to site.

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Betsol All in One Screen

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